Slug X trap and garden accessories manufactured from recycled materials

Garden Waste Removal

Garden Waste Removal

We are very enthusiastic about recycling and the ways that we can recycle that are unoriginal and known by few. We want to inform more people how the innovative ways that they can recycle.

Whether you are buying products from us that have been made using recycled products or you are planning on building your own products from recycled goods for your garden, you need to make space in your garden for these products.

When developing your garden there will be green waste created, we aim to inform more of the public about ways in which they can easily dispose of green waste or garden waste in a way that is good for the environment and from business' that offer competitive pricing.

If you have garden waste that you wish to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner find out the methods that are available here; Any Waste Berkshire | We can clear your garden.