Slug X trap and garden accessories manufactured from recycled materials

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When it comes to selecting the right style or design for your gazebo, make sure it matches your home, patio, and other surrounding buildings. You may even want to find one made of the same wood as your furniture, if you have teak patio furniture or cedar patio furniture.

You can bolt your gazebo to the surface of the patio or cut post holes in your patio and cement the posts into the ground. If you plan on doing this project on your own, it’s best if you have good do-it-yourself skills, otherwise you may want to consider having someone install it for you.


tinpotIf you’ve been eyeing a gazebo lately, you’ll be surprised to find out that it is very easy and affordable to install or build. One of the best things about a gazebo is that it can be incorporated into an existing deck or patio or built into a new patio depending on your requirements. You’ll find that prices range from £3000 and up, depending of course on the quality, material, size and style.

One of the first things you need to decide is where you’re going to place your gazebo. For patios that are small to mid-size, the corner is a good choice as it is going to save you space and will be accessible enough for people to use. If you’re a garden enthusiast with a large patio and would like to place wicker patio furniture or teak patio furniture around it, then you can put it right in the middle! This will allow you to place your patio furniture accordingly.