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Flowers out of season

There is nothing new about plants flowering outside their normal season. Rhododendrons-thankfully confined to only a few varieties- have been flowering in autumn for as long as I can remember.

This is a regrettable tendency on the whole, as people regard it as freakish and, of course, the performance will not be repeated in the spring, which is when we all want it to happen. However, when an entire batch of a rather lovely and uncommon Deciduous Azalea called ‘Bright Forecast’ flowered prolifically through this September and October, one couldn’t help but admire it. It will be a winner if it will just settle down to flowering at the proper time of year!

Witch Hazels have also always had a tendency to produce some stray flowers in the autumn. The flowers are invariably mean and small, and in red or orange varities, a sad wishy-washy yellow, causing outrage among customers who feel they have been conned!